Sunday, April 6, 2008

In Israel at last and with an internet connection too!!

Just a quick note tonight with hopes of being able to add more news later. We have been in the Galilee since we arrived in Israel earlier last week. We stayed at a beautiful resort where I have stayed before but there was no internet access there. I have written some things as a word document during the week and hope to be able to cut and paste into this blog. It is a challenge as the blog instructions are in Hebrew. Takes some doing even though I studied Hebrew once upon a time.

All is well with our entire group. We have had a few little episodes. One suitcase has gone to Germany and back and who knows where else. We are told tomorrow it will be here at last.

We have had beautiful warm weather. Several in our group went swimming in the Sea of Galilee the other day. The country has changed drastically since I was here last ten years ago.

Today we changed our base of operations to Jerusalem so we will have internet for the next few days.

For everyone reading this, please watch for photos and more news. (If I can get the computer to work). I will write more tomorrow evening. Be assured we all are well and enjoying our time immensely. It is very hard to describe in words how we are reacting to the dramatic things we see and experience. Our guide is a Messianic Jew and has fit in beautifully with us.

Tomorrow's program begins in Bethlehem, then Jericho and then Qumran and the Dead Sea.

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