Monday, April 7, 2008

one more day in Israel

Seems like the word is spreading about this blog so here is another update of our Israel trip.

I will share some of our experiences on Sunday, April 6. We began the day on Mt. Hermon. This is the place where Elijah and the prophets of Baal competed to see who was the real God. From there we traveled to Caeserea one of my favorite places. One of Herod's palaces was situated here and Pontius Pilate was based here as well. There is an inscription with his name on it that has been found there. This place reveals again what kind of character Herod the Great was. A man of immense pride, great wealth as well as great paranoia. The three photos above were all taken at Caeserea. You will recognize the people in them.

On our way up to our new home in Jerusalem we observed the wall that has been built to enhance Israeli security against Palestinian acts of terrorism. The political realities in Israel leaves a person with a variety of emotions--- Hopelessness, anger, sadness, frustration-- to name a few.

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