Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday, April 8 in Israel

Our visits today included stops at Bet Shemesh, Lachish, Bet Sheva, Arad, Dead Sea for lunch and the Qumran area for shopping.

Bet Shemesh is the place where the Ark of the Covenant stopped. It also overlooks Timnah (where Samson found Delilah) and Eshtaol, his hometown. Looking into the valley of barley fields it was very easy to imagine Samson setting fire to those fields by means of the foxes. Interesting.

Of the greatest interest to me today was to view the Negev. It is the area of Israel many feel will become the center of the country in the days to come. The development of this area is fantastic to see.

The photo above shows the amazing green fields of fruit trees and crops of various types. This entire region was thought once to be of limited value. Vast underground water sources as well as water pumped from the north supplies the necessary ingredient for crops to grow well. Just a few years ago nothing was happening in this region. Today it is exploding with growth and development. Tomorrow? Who knows.

The area of Arad also is the place where it is possible to see the well of Abraham. A picture of this well is below. Hard to really see much in the picture but here it is anyway

Below is a picture of the southern portion of the Dead Sea. You can see the salt and other chemical components of this amazing body of water.

Our day is not done yet. After our dinner we are looking forward to a folk concert featuring music and dances that show how the many cultures in which Jews have lived has impacted Jewish music. I have enjoyed this concert very much in my prior visits and know that our group is in for a wonderful evening of entertainment.

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Mom & Dad - Thought I'd try to make contact this way since you don't seem to be getting our emails. Can you email your hotel name & number - and room #. We'd love to call you!! Also let us know when a good time would be. We love you and miss you lots!