Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday and Monday in NY and CT

It takes effort to keep up with this blog!!!

The pictures you see in this posting describe:

The home in Trumbull, CT where Sue lived for the first 10 years of her life. No kids, we did not knock on the door and ask to roam the inside of the house!! (family joke). We had lunch with an elementary school friend of Sue's. Kind of fascinating to recall the years and the memories!

The second picture is a shot of the Brooklyn Tabernacle where we attended on Sunday. This is the church where Jim Cymbala is the pastor. Some of you have read his books. I found the service quite interesting. Sometimes we find that a worship team so called, in actual fact does all the performing in a typical worship service. The audience is kind of present but not much more. Believe me, it is not so at the Tabernacle. There is an electricity in their service. The worship leader did not have to do much. There were about 4000 very enthusiastic worshippers in the service we attended. Jim's sermon was about Joshua and the need to get up off the ground when calamity strikes. I thought it was a wonderful answer to the victim kind of mentality that Jeremiah Wright preaches.

My reflection on the service at the Brooklyn Tabernacle is that there is a sense of authenticity and reality present that is contagious. I was also very happy to see that my white friends and I were an obvious minority in the room. I would guess the service was about 80% black, with a sprinkling of Asian and Caucasian worshippers. I rejoice and celebrate!

Finally, I have attached a photo I took at the WTC site. It is hard to capture the scene really. Lots of construction is going on there. Walking there left me with many emotions. Part of me was profoundly sad. To think that a few hundred feet over our heads several airliners were flown into those once impressive buildings, is impossible to fathom. I also felt strong rage and anger. What possesses people to stoop to such low levels? How can such evil possibly be sanctioned by any religion? Only if it too is evil to the core, or if it has been perverted or hijacked.

Another part of our day in New York on Sunday was our attendance at a Broadway play in the evening. We enjoyed it a lot. To pay $30 to park a car nearby for a few hours is one reason I am glad I only visit New York once in a while and that I do not have to commute there to work on a regular basis.

Today, Monday is a rainy, dreary day and we are set to go out to dinner right now. Tomorrow is our big travel day to Israel.

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