Tuesday, April 8, 2008

contact info

It seems we are having email delays and so on. If anyone reading this has family or friends on our tour and wishes to make contact, use the comments section of this blog. We will forward your message along.

Remember though that we will have internet access for only 2 more days.

Everyone is doing well and we are having a wonderful time.

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info said...

Hi Mom!
Glad that you are having such a good time. Oma is happy too, I have been reading her everything and today(Wed) I am going to Steinbach to have lunch with her and then visit Tanya. It's supposed to be really nice out today. We are fine here, the boys are good. Carson got his moose yesterday for completing his supper chart so he's thrilled and I had to buy size 5 diapers for Caleb for night. Carson never even wore size 5! What a monkey! We miss you alot and Carson (OK, me) is counting the days till you're back. Stacey is good too.Love Cynthia