Sunday, March 30, 2008

Learning about our roots!

We spent a good part of the day in Whiting, New Jersey with Sue's aunt and uncle, Rob and Janet Griffin. You see them on the picture above along with their daughter Joannie, Sue's cousin.

What a wonderful visit we had. U. Rob was a pilot in WW II and among other fascinating things flew the "Hump". This was a supply route from India to China over the "hump" of the Himalayas. He showed me his Distinguished Flying Cross medal and a host of other memorabilia. I was impressed.

A. Janet is Sue's father's last remaining sibling. She shared picturs with us of her brother, Sue's father when he was an infant before WW I. That was really something special and we took numerous photos with us to share with our family in the future. It was really interesting to listen to a part of Sue's history that she knew little about.

Later we headed up to New York city and the JFK airport where we picked up my sister and friends from Portland, OR who are joining us for our Israel trip.

Today in New York we have a full day planned. We intend to take in the services at the Brooklyn Tabernacle. After lunch we have tickets for a Broadway play.

Will tell you all about it in the next addition to this blog!!!

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Ashish & Jessica said...

It sounds like you are both having an amazing time! I'll be exicited to see the photos when you get back to Redding! I'm eager to hear about today's adventures too! Love you!

Jess (and Ashish & Priya too!)